Arrow – Name or Not?

November 30, 2012 § 23 Comments

Stephen Amell stars as Arrow on the CW's new hit show.

Stephen Amell stars as Arrow on the CW’s new hit show.

Earlier this week, Las Vegas-based rock musicians Aja Volkman and Dan Reynolds announced the August birth of their daughter, and they named her Arrow Eve. I was intrigued. Unfortunately, in the interview where Aja announced her daughter’s birth, she didn’t explain the name choice, and I wish she had. Certainly, any time a name seems to come from left field, I want to know the story.

And I want to know what you guys think – is this a name of the future, or just another inaccessible celebrity baby name?

Arrow, to be sure, is not a traditional name choice, by a wide margin. But I was struck by its similarity to trendy or traditional selections like Harlow, Arlo, even Aaron or Ari. We know that names that sound like established favourites often rise as viable alternatives to names deemed “too popular.” But perhaps Arrow is too far removed from these other trendy choices. Still, what strikes me most about Arrow is its distinct unisex qualities. While Arrow Eve is a beautiful combination, Arrow would be just as acceptable (or ultimately not) on a baby boy. Indeed, the people of the Internet appear to agree: the majority of online references to the name appear to be for boys.

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