There are certainly enough name blogs/sites out there today – among my faves are Appellation Mountain, You Can’t Call It ‘It’, and Nameberry.

Here at the ironically named ‘My Advice’, I offer everyone’s favourite thing – advice on your kid’s name. 😉 But you’ll find I’m pretty open-minded (it’s rare that I say ‘avoid it’ when it comes to baby names) and I’m far more interested in exploring why names are trending (pop culture, history, meaning), in hopes of providing name haters with a reason or two why someone else’s name choice is perfect for their bub. If there’s one thing I dislike more than anything else in the naming world, it’s when someone hates on a name that might mean so much to someone else.

If it’s not your kid and they’re not in your family, your opinion shouldn’t be entirely valid (hence the ironic nature behind the focus of my blog).

At least for now, the primary focus of names selected for feature on ‘My Advice’ are names that are currently on-trend. No matter how weird or wonderful, the inspiration usually comes from celebrity kids. I just might be a bit of a celeb gossip hound, but it’s entirely natural for celeb kids to provide real-world inspiration. When Brangelina introduces a new kid to the world, their name selections become headline news. Recent celeb kids have also proven their weight when it comes to real world naming – look at Harlow, which simply exploded after Nicole Richie gave birth to Harlow Winter Kate in January 2008.

Kate, of course, is another nom du jour – not because of a celebrity baby, but because of a nouveau celeb, already loved and admired the world over – the Duchess of Cambridge. (As much as she wishes to be known as Catherine, her recognition for almost a decade as Kate Middleton will not die easy.)

Truth is, you might not consider any ‘celeb’ names for your kids, but even celebs can inspire the use of traditional names. Father of Evan, Colin, Sarah, and Emily, KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently chastised celebs for their interesting or outrageous name choices, saying that “children are not toys for your amusement.” We’re not sure he meant current celeb faves like Harper so much as he was directly targetting the likes of illusionist/comedian Penn Jillette, whose daughter Moxie CrimeFighter wears one of the most out-there name choices in recent memory.

And at ‘My Advice’ we’re not seeking to find the oddest possible names out there – truly, we’re interested in names with room to grow. Either already incredibly popular or likely to get there, we take the most-discussed names of the day and explore what makes each name work (or not). And the fact is, every single name in the world has positives and negatives, dependent on various factors. The only thing that makes a name ‘perfect’ is if it’s perfect for you – so read on, and find out if today’s trending selections work for you.


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  • Hi I added you to my Blogroll under the title “My Advice” – is that the correct name?

    • namemuststay says:

      It is. I went too overboard selecting the web address (Namaste, namemuststay? Yeah, whoops!) and now I can’t figure out how to change it. 😦 Also not sure I want to just start over with a new site, new name…

      I’m just getting started, bound to trip up! Thanks so much for the add, hope you don’t mind I added you without asking!

      • No I don’t mind a bit – free publicity, yay!

        Don’t worry, I made several decisions as a new blogger that I try hard not to waste time regretting … everyone seems to have much cleverer blog titles than me! I actually didn’t get the namemuststay at all.

      • namemuststay says:

        Haha, that people don’t get it is the problem. You can be as clever as you want, but if no one’s chuckling who am I kidding?

        I actually love the title of your blog. Makes me think of Tom Waits, or my travels with Aussies all over the world. If there’s anything I know about Aussies, it’s that they pick cool baby names and can drink me under the table and out of the bar 😉

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